Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rollo Dilworth invites you to sing in the Ireland Choral Festival - June/July 2015

Let’s sing together in Ireland in 2015!

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KIconcerts' Rollo Dilworth Ireland Choral Festival 2015I wanted to let you know I’ve chosen Ireland as the location of my 2015 international festival. It is a land of magic, whimsy and history - a place that celebrates culture as an integral part of the spirit of its society.

Consider joining me as we meet and perform for the people of Dublin and Belfast. We will immerse ourselves in their culture and share the music of both lands in our gala and individual concerts.

International festivals of this nature are wonderful ways for singers to take the world stage, sing in grander combined festival choir venues and present their own choir’s gifts and talents.

Click for more information and be in touch with KIconcerts for customized proposals.

I look forward to working with you as we join leprechauns searching for a four leaf clover

Rollo Dilworth

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