Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life changing venues and contexts to perform in!

One of the great musical thrills is performing in a truly awe inspiring venue. For instance singing at St Peter’s Basilica, Westminster Abbey, Sagrada Familia or Notre Dame Cathedral is a moment frozen in time. Nothing compares to taking the stage at the Sydney Opera House, Berliner Dom, Salle Gaveau or the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing. History has been shaped in venues of this caliber! 
Access to famed venues is one thing but intimate fine local venues where you are welcomed as honored guests is another. In addition, exchange concerts give true meaning to the expression ‘the international language of music’. Be truly immersed in the local culture in Europe, Asia, Australia/NZ, the Americas and South Africa. Friends are made for life in these encounters. 

Audiences can make or break a concert – selecting the right venue for the genre, repertoire and time of year is the key to this. We bring the same passion to audience generation that you bring to your music! 

You want to bring an organist – we can suggest venues with working organs and accessible consoles. You need a piano - we can arrange a grand, an upright or even a digital grand. Many ensembles request an electric keyboard – 88 weighted keys of course. You can even plan to perform with a chamber or full orchestra. 

Talk to us about your international concert dreams – let us work with you to make these a reality.


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