Sunday, March 4, 2012

Austria - custom tours & festivals / touring & performing - Z. Randall Stroope,

One of the two most asked about destinations
at this
week's ACDA conferences
is Austria

Salzburg / Vienna
maybe start in Munich or end in Prague.

There is no greater concentration of charm and music perhaps anywhere in the world. Our custom tours offer concerts, exchanges, the option to sing Mass, the Sound of Music tour and the chance to experience the grandeur of Viennese life.
  • Randall Stroope leads our 2013 Austrian summer festival. A stunning composer, inspirational festival leader and great bridge to the history, culture and music of the region.
    Bring a full choir, bring a partial choir, perform in the gala concerts, present your own optional concerts and enjoy exchange programs.
If Austria is where your heart is heading then be in touch with us for proposals and tour outlines. My father was from Vienna, our European operations are headquartered there. 

No-one knows Austria better than KI!

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